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The main services that I offer are:

• italian, english and norwegian text translation;
• text transcription;
• interpreting;
• italian, english and norwegian profreading.

These are principles I always follow in my work, regardless of client and size of the translation job.

Availability and follow up on clients
Requests are always answered within one working day. I am available by e-mail and Skype throughout the working day.
Good follow up procedures of my clients is vital to my translation business.

I am accurate in my work. I actively incorporate the use of several translator resources (dictionaries, glossaries, forums) in my translation work.

I have never missed a deadline. I always deliver my work on time.

Continuous learning:
I do my best to keep up in a changing business. The translation business is a business where you will never be fully trained and where there is always new knowledge to acquire.
Therefore I attend seminars, conferences, and forums and use other translator services in an active way.

Nor-Tra di May Trine Hauan, Via della Repubblica, 47 - 57016 Rosignano Marittimo (Leghorn - Tuscany) • E-mail: • VAT: 01717920498